Who does not want to sleep in a comfortable bed in their homes? The answer is every living being on the planet. But with the increasing number of smaller apartments, having a comfortable large bed in your living area is almost impossible. Seldom do people get the opportunity to keep their stuff organized in their houses?

On top of that, if you have a huge bed, you will get even lesser storage place. But what if you get to know about the best Queen platform bed with storage and headboard that are currently quite popular among users? If you do not know then, a platform bed is a type of mattress where you can store a large number of essentials without compromising your living space.

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Most platform beds come with headboards as well, which not only accentuates the décor of your bedroom but also makes a comfortable place to rest. But now, with growing commercialization, there are several different confusing options in the said beds as well.

If you are worried, then do not be, as this blog will help you a lot in sorting out which queen storage bed is perfect for your room. Here, you will get to learn about the eight most popular beds which have different features which make them ideal for smaller houses. You, too, will be able to sleep in your desired bed without giving up on your living space.

Top Queen Platform Beds With Storage And Headboards- A Detailed Review

The beds that are included in this blog are reviewed positively by several users. You will get a detailed description and benefits from the section of this blog mentioned below.

1. DHP Cambridge Queen Platform Bed with Headboard and Storage

If you do not have a considerable amount of money to spend on a Queen platform bed with storage and headboard, then this bed is perfect for you. As it not only offers a comfortably tufted headboard but has massive storage space as well.

The mattress is made of upholstery leather, which makes it look quite sophisticated. Two people can comfortably sleep on this bed as it has the right amount of space to accommodate them. The headboard, as well as the tailboard of the bed, is tufted with fluff, which makes it extremely comfortable to rest on.

The storage of the bed can be used quite quickly as it works on a hydraulic gas lift. As the area of the store is not less, you can put more substantial items in your home as well, including boxes or blankets. Even though the bed is hollow due to the storage, it is exceptionally sturdy.


  • The material of the upholstery of the bed is quite comfortable.
  • It comes with central beams that make the bed extremely durable.
  • The hydraulic lift of the bed makes it easy to use the storage by anyone.
  • It offers excellent value for money.


  • The footboard of the bed is not that large.

2. DHP Dakota Queen Platform Bed with Storage and Headboard

DHP is quite famous for making Queen platform bed with storage and headboard, and this model does not disappoint at all. Unlike the previous product, this bed has storage with drawers. Even though you will not get to keep more substantial items in the storage, but you will be able to use them anytime you want.

In case of storage with hydraulic lift, you have to lift the mattress to access the storage, but in case of drawers, you will be able to store the important items without disturbing the mattress. This bed contains four huge drawers, which will let you store all the essential stuff of your household, including woolen clothes, blankets, or others.

As the material of the bed is made of metal, it is exceptionally sturdy and durable. You will be able to use this bed for years. The headboard of the bed is quite comfortable as it is tufted with high-quality fluff. It can accommodate two people quite quickly due to its dimension.


  • The storage space of the bed is pretty easy to use.
  • It is incredibly durable due to the material it is made of.
  • It can withstand massive weight without any problem.
  • The headboard of the bed is quite comfortable.


  • The frame of the bed is not that durable.

3. Novogratz Kelly Queen Platform Bed with Storage and Headboard

If you are planning on buying a Queen platform bed with storage and headboard within your budget, then this model by Novogratz is perfect for you. Not only does this bed come with a storage facility, but it also comes with a beautiful headboard.

As the bed has a metal frame, you can be assured of its sturdiness. The mattress also comes with center legs which make it even more durable and gives the perfect balance to the product. As the bed comes with four drawers from storage, you will be able to keep several essential commodities in your house without any problem. You will not even require to move the mattress to access the storage unit of the bed.

The headboard of the bed has a height of more than three feet so that it can accommodate taller people as well. Even though it is not tufted that much, but it makes up for a great place to rest your back. You will not need much time to assemble the product.


  • The product is pretty user-friendly and can be assembled within an hour.
  • The drawers of the bed are quite vast and can fit several different items all at once.
  • It is quite beautiful for the depicted price.


  • The product is not hugely durable.

4. Baxton Studio Aubrianne Queen Bed with Storage and Headboard

In case you have a house that is decorated in a modern way, and you want to get the perfect Queen platform bed with storage and headboard for you, then this model of beds by Baxton is ideal for you. When it comes to note all the best features of the bed, it must be known that the bed looks gorgeous.

As the entire material of the bed is of pastel color, it serves as a perfect centerpiece for any bedroom. No matter what color is there in the walls of your room, this bed will fit in perfectly. The headboard of the bed is exceptionally plush and looks similar to the backrest of any luxurious sofa.

The bed has multiple drawers in its bottom, and all of them are quite smooth to operate. You will be easily able to store larger goods in your house in the said drawers quite easily. But remember not to store anything massively heavy in the drawers because it could break easily.


  • The modern design of the fabric makes the bed quite classy and sophisticated.
  • The drawers of the bed are quite easy to use.
  • It has an extraordinarily comfortable and fluffy headboard.
  • The product comes with new central beams for support.


  • The material of the upholstery is not that tough and can tear off easily.

5. Discovery World Furniture Twin Bed With Bookcase And Storage

This model of beds by Discovery world furniture not only has room, but it also has a bookcase that will accommodate books and other essential things. You will be able to keep different essential things near to you while sleeping in this bed as the headboard has little storage units.

Not only books, but you can keep your smartphone or other essential things that you need while sleeping out there. If you are a night-time reader, then this Queen platform bed with storage and headboard is perfect for you. As the entire bed is made of solid pine wood, it is incredibly sturdy and looks incredibly classy. You can buy this bed in different shades as well.

It goes exceptionally well with any décor of any room. The storage of this bed is located on one side, so you will not have any problem is placing this bed against a wall.

There is a total of six drawers in this bed that can store more than three large blankets. Though it is advisable not to store heavier reliable products in the drawers of the bed, you can use the bed to store your unused clothes or shoes.


  • The bed comes with six drawers and one trundle that make it perfect for storing several different items.
  • You will not require much time to assemble the bed.
  • It can be put against one wall, unlike other storage beds.


  • It is not highly durable and does not stay new for several years.

6. Bowery Hill Queen Platform Bed With Storage And Headboard, Bookcase

Bowery Hills is one of the best companies to buy a Queen platform bed with storage and headboard. If you are looking for the said kind of bed, then this product will not disappoint you. This bed not only comes with a lot of storage units, but it also comes with a headboard with shelves.

You will be able to store different items like books, a watch, a glass of water, or your smartphone is one of the shelves of the headboard. The product comes with three separate shelves. You will not have to get up in the night to keep your book or phone before going to sleep. The headboard gives an excellent design to the board as well.

The bed has six different drawers, and at the bottom of the bed, there are three extra shelves as well. As the drawers are placed on the side of the bed, you will not have to lift the mattress to use them. You will be able to decorate your room by using the shelves in the tail as well.


  • The bed is extraordinarily sophisticated and made entirely of wood.
  • It has massive storage places and allows users to store a wide variety of stuff.
  • You will not need to use a box spring to use this bed.
  • You will not need a lot of time to assemble the bed.


  • It is not affordable and is quite costly for a queen-sized bed.

7. Coaster Home Furnishings Queen Bed With Headboard And Storage

If you live in a small house and need a lot of space to store your stuff in your bedroom, then this Queen platform bed with storage and headboard by Coaster home furnishing is perfect for you. As the bed not only has multiple storage spaces, but the headboard and tailboard of the bed also have a lot of storage areas. As the mattress is made entirely of wood, it looks quite classy in any room.

You will not even have to think about matching the bed with the color of the room due to its material. The headboard of the bed comes with two shelves that make it perfect for keeping all the knick-knacks that you use before sleeping. Moreover, the headboard comes with two drawers as well, where you can keep the essential items over there.

There are six drawers located on one side and the bottom of the bed, and you will be able to place it against a wall of your room. In that way, it is perfect for saving space. As the storage units are located in the drawers, you will be able to access them any time you want.


  • The product has a brushed nickel finish the makes it incredibly gorgeous.
  • It has eight drawers, and that is quite greater than any other storage beds.
  • The headboard of the bed has felt lining.
  • The entire bed is made of high-quality wood.


  • It is quite expensive.

8. South Shore Vito Queen Bed With Storage And Headboard

South Shore is not a new brand in the field of Queen platform bed with storage and headboard, but instead, it has been offering high-quality beds for more than eighty years. If you are looking for a storage bed with a headboard at an affordable price, then this bed is perfect for you.

The best feature about this bed is that it can sustain weight up to 500 pounds that are way more massive than any other storage beds in this list. It is quite strong and works fine up to a long time. Even though the product comes with only two drawers, you will be able to keep a lot of exciting things in their due to the larger size of the drawers.

The headboard might not be hugely comfortable, but it serves the purpose of being a backrest quite astutely. The entire product is made of wood, and it looks quite good in any room.


  • The product has two big drawers.
  • It can sustain over 500 pounds, unlike its contemporaries.
  • It offers excellent value for money.


  • The headboard of the bed is not tufted and quite uncomfortable


Q. What are some of the Queen platform bed with storage and headboard that are available online?

Ans. There are different options of Queen-sized beds in the market which have storage and headboards. Some of them are Baxton Studio Ainge contemporary bed, DHP Cambridge upholstered with storage and headboard bed, Baxton Studio Sarter queen-sized bed, Magnussen River Ridge wood bed, and many more.

Q. What are some of the top storage beds available online?

Ans Nowadays, you will find several options in storage beds that are also available in Queen size. Some of them are John Lewis Rouen bed, Wayfair Upholstered bed, next Bronx bed, and many more.

Q. Why do people buy beds with storage?

Ans As most people nowadays live in cramped apartments, they often have difficulties in storing their essential things. That is why they use beds with storage. These beds can fit different categories of things underneath your mattress without any problems.

Q. What are the different categories of storage beds?

Ans There are different categories of storage beds that are currently available in the market. They are box storage, hydraulic storage, and storage with drawers.

Q. What is the advantage of getting a bed with a headboard?Ans Many people prefer to read books or use their smartphones before going to sleep, and they need to rest their back while sitting on the bed. A headboard allows them to rest correctly in an upright position and even helps some people who work from their beds.


All the beds included in the list are quite fabulous in their way. But you should be the one to choose the perfect queen-sized bed for your house. As you may have already noticed, all of these beds have different categories of storage and are made of different materials.

You should choose the one that offers you the best features within your price range, and that will provide you with excellent service over the years. Even though none of the Queen platform bed with storage and headboard mentioned in the list will disappoint you, but do your research on the internet thoroughly before making any drastic decision.