You may think choosing the right mattress for your room might be quite easy, but in reality, it depends on a lot of factors. Factors like a sleeping pattern or body size of the user are directly proportional to the size of the mattress.

In temperate countries, many people prefer to snuggle in their sleep with their partners, while in warmer or tropical countries, people need their personal spaces while sleeping.

No matter what the size and dimension of your mattress is, you should always choose the one which offers you the perfect sleep. Apart from the height and physical aspect of the user, the size of their room is also a key factor while choosing the right bed for you. After considering a lot of issues, we can assure you that, usually a queen-size bed in deemed to the best category of bed for any individual. Even if you sleep with another person, you will not find a queen-sized bed uncomfortable.

If you are wondering how big is a queen size bed, then you are in the right place. In this blog, you will know everything that you need to know about the dimension of a queen-size bed. You might be confused regarding the bed’s dimensions because it varies from company to company. Sometimes, the proportion of the bed also varies country wise.

You might have a general idea about the size of the said bed, but you must know the dimension correctly because it depends on the size and proportion of your room. In case you are shopping online for a queen-size bed, you must measure the dimension of the bed beforehand in your room. Otherwise, you might find the bed to be too big for your room. Nevertheless, most adults find queen size bed perfect for sleeping.

What is the actual size of a queen-size bed?

You might already know that a queen size bed is a size smaller than the king-size bed. The primary dimension of the queen size mattress universally is 60×80 inches. Now, you might have some confusion regarding the said data. But do not worry, we will discuss in detail about the meaning of the reported numbers. The said dimension can vary as there are different categories of queen size beds. In case you get an Olympic queen size bed, the proportion would be 66×80 inches.

That means it is a bit bigger than the usual queen size mattress. Whereas, the California based queen mattresses have the dimension of 60×84 inches. Now, this mattress is also a bit larger than the general queen size mattress. Many times, queen size mattresses come with splits which means, you will get two beds which can be combined to form a single queen size mattress.

In the case of a split queen mattress, you will get each mattress with dimension 30×80 inches. If you are wondering how big is a queen size bed, then you must know that each user receives around 30 inches of space while sleeping in a queen size mattress.

The said data matters to you if you sleep with anybody other than your self in the mattress. Also, you must know that usually, a queen size bed is around 9 to 16-inches deep.

Even though there is not any general guideline on how deep a mattress should be, but usually it is not lesser than 9 inches. Not only couples, but adults who are singles also prefer queen-sized beds. As they are not only space-saving but they are quite comfortable as well. Moreover, nobody wants to sleep in a large bed alone. Also, these beds are quite adequate for a smaller bedroom in any apartment or house.

What is the width of a queen size mattress?

If you are not sure about the dimension of a queen-size bed, then this portion of this blog will help you a lot. Now, the aspect 60×80 inches means, the width of the mattress is around 60 inches.

Now, you should know that 60-inches is the usual width of a queen size mattress, but it is not always the case. For example, if you get an Olympic queen size mattress, you would notice that the width is 66 inches and not 60 inches. That means the latter bed has six inches more width than a usual queen size mattress. But if you get the split queen mattresses which we have mentioned before, then the width would be 30 inches.

It is a single mattress that can be conjoined to form a queen-sized mattress. We know than a King size mattress is a size larger than a queen size mattress. But the difference between the two beds is their width.

If you will be sleeping with another adult, then a queen size mattress would accommodate you without any difficulty. But in case, you want to sleep with your kids or more than two people; then a queen size bed is not perfect for you. As the width of the mattress will accommodate two adults at most. Many people do not even prefer to sleep in a queen size bed with another person.

That is why get a queen size bed also if they are single. Do not confuse queen size bed with a double bed, because the width of a double bed is around 54 inches. That means a double bed mattress is smaller than the queen size one. Moreover, you will get around 27-inches of space to sleep if you are sleeping with another adult in a double bed mattress.

What is the length of a queen-size bed?

If you have read this blog from the beginning, then you must know that the answer to the question “how big is a queen size bed” is usually 60×80 inches. Now you should know that the 80 inches in the dimension are the length of the mattress. That means the range of a queen size bed is usually close to six and a half feet.

Many people do not know that the length of most beds is often 80 inches: King size, queen size or single beds. Every one of them has the same range. Even when you buy the split queen size beds, the length of each bed will be around 80 inches. That is why you should always keep the size and dimension of your room in mind while buying a queen-size bed.

Even though the length of any mattress remains almost the same, there are certain anomalies. In case of a California queen size mattress, the period is usually 84 inches, and in case of a double bed, the length is often 74 inches.

In Conclusion

Queen size beds are the perfect solution to new homeowners. In case you are worried about what category of the bed should you buy for the first time in your life, then queen size bed would be the right suggestion.

Not only are they comfortable, but they are big enough to fit a smaller room. Even if your room is not that small, you will have ample spaces after installing your bed. We hope, by reading this blog, you will get the answer to your question “how big is a queen size bed” quite easily.