10 Best Wood Bed Frame Review

Shopping for our household with the required products and stuff are a lot difficult and of course, we need to have some knowledge about the same. When it comes to shopping and purchasing wood bed frame products online, all that we know there is a lot to consider with the color, design, shape, features and other benefits that would be accompanied by the product or within the product.

However, yes, there are a lot of products that are available online. Online purchasing and shopping can be surely fun and effortless but we would always have that fear of receiving the wrong product, and hence most of people refrain from buying online. One such product that we are discussing here is the wood bed frame.

We all have a bed frame at our home, of course, it would be of different sizes, or different colors and of different patterns too. Of course, choosing out of these patterns, sizes and colors depend on us. The market both offline and online has got millions of varieties to be picked from, you can avail in iron material, wood material or other such materials. Some of us might choose an iron material bed frame knowing it would be strong enough, but the only issue would be it will start rusting after years.

When it is about the wood bed frame, it would not rust though, but it has to be maintained much carefully, protecting it from water, dust, and many other factors that may damage the frame. Well, here we have got the complete detail on the bed frame that would be helpful for you to decide and even the reviews would be helpful for you to pick one from.

What Is Best Wood Bed Frame?

Wooden bed frames are often considered less weight because the mattress weight is much more in comparison and also it is a bit expensive than the wood bed frame. Again when it comes to choosing the mattress it requires a lot of knowledge about the cotton selection, the material and the comfort level of the mattress. However, here we have mentioned some features that describe the best wooden bed frame for anyone.

  • Durability is what we want for any product that we buy either offline or online. Yes, we cannot afford to keep buying things every time. Such products should be a one-time investment and should be purchased with the utmost care and conscious.
  • Wooden bed frames are pretty strongest and are quite robust at the same time. Well, sturdiness determines the quality of the bed frame along with its strength. Bruises and bumps can be simply handled by these wooden frames of bed.
  • Study says that wooden bed frames will help you sleep better. It will provide complete comfortability to have a good sleep as compared to the metal bed frames and the streaks.
  • You will find plenty of patterns and finishes which describe various shades. A wooden bed will simply give you the flexibility to adjust and match your bedroom, however, each bed frame has got its own originality that we often prefer.
  • A complete warmth and comfortability, however, if you are a rustic bedroom favored person then a wooden bed frame is the right pick for you. Also, it is simply necessary that you are entirely comfortable with your purchase and your choice.

What Are The Sizes Available In The Market?

A queen-size bed will generally have a length of almost 210 cm and the width of 160 cm, the platform height would be of 28cm while the headboard height would be of almost 92 to 95 cm overall. You need to choose the mattress according to the bed size for sure. Twin size beds or the bed frame would be somewhere between 75 inches of the length and the 38 inches of width. However, this particular size is a bit smaller than the adult size beds or the bed frame. Also, this bed frame is suitable for kids who have outgrown the tod sized beds and is entering the single bed size stage.

This bed size would be a little larger than the regular twin-sized beds. Well, if you see the dimensions it would be somewhere between 80 inches by length and 38 inches by width. This bed would also be suitable for tall adults like you and me, who do not have wide rooms or spaces. When it comes to a full-sized mattress, the dimensions would differ from each other, and this particular size is also referred to as the standard double size. This particular mattress or the size would be totally suitable for small roomed people or even the active sleepers as well. This bed or the mattress will be suitable for couples and the single sleepers and not for them who sleep with pets or children.

Well, 78 inches of width and 80 inches of length specifies the King sized beds or the mattress. However, if you are a single sleeper then it would be pretty much comfortable for you and yes, you can sleep with your children, and pets too. However, the bedroom must be larger to put such a sized bed frame in.

10 Best Wood Bed Frame Review

1. Zinus Tricia Platform Bed Frame

This particular style wood bed frame is actually the best one to have for your bedrooms. With an updated style as per the trend and the comfort, it provides robust mattress support as well. Assembling is easy with Zinus Tricia and the headboard and the frame is wooden with entirely interior support. The non-slip tape is awesome and prevents from moving. Warranty is added when you purchase from both online and offline, as you just have to claim it.


  • Headboard is associated with the bed frame
  • Platform bed frame is comfortable with all the sleeping postures
  • Assembling is simple and requires zero efforts and it involves the wooden slats that adds more easiness
  • Comes with a compartment or the storage facility


  • No mattress included with the wood bed frame
  • Noises can arise when changing the sleeping positions

2. Mellow 12 inches Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame

Mellow 12 inches solid wood platform bed frame available in different sizes and does not actually demand for any kind of box spring in the platform bed frame. The solid platform wood bed frame comes with modern styled describing the mid-century consisting of 3.5inch of the solid wood frame for great durability and long-lasting quality. It does not make noise as it involves the best construction with non-slippery tape that also prevents from moving the mattress. Assembling is easy and the company also does provide the warranty for sure.


  • The brand has got it all for the customers
  • The headboard is associated with the product itself
  • Can be easily assembled within a fraction of minutes


  • Solid wood frame slits out of the place
  • Sometimes the pieces does not actually match

3. Zinus Tonja Platform Bed/ Mattress Foundation

The style is totally updated with the trendy mattress that comes with a robust wooden slat mattress altogether. Easy assembly is possible and is available with Zinus Tonja platform mattress or the bed frame. The metal interior support is the highlight of the wood bed frame. The wooden headboard is available with the product and it does not slip the mattress as well, because of the non-slip tape instilled in the product.


  • Looks simply great and awesome even without the mattress
  • Pretty easy to assemble as well
  • Variety of colors and patterns available
  • It is completely a pinewood quality


  • Quality controlling is an issue

4. Zinus Curtis Essential Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

The steel framework with the knitted fabric in the product is the highlight and it simply steals the spotlight. It supports the mattress even without the box spring and hence it does not need any box spring as well. The designs are not much present in the product and it upholds the softness with the visuals as well. The 13inch storage and the compartment is the major feature on the product. It is available in various sizes and patterns and the styles too.


  • Bears tough and heavyweights
  • The product is manufactured and built well
  • Does not make any creepy noises when
  • The upgrade is great with the box springs


  • The product has to be maintained and managed well
  • Product assembly is quite difficult

5. Mornington Upholstered Platform Bed

Want to update and upgrade your bedroom then Mornington platform beds are the only ones who would do it for you. The trendy and the modern design with the right upholstered bed frame and the headboard is just awesome. The durable wooden slat is robust and steady and it is preferred by everyone. It has got all in one solution that comes with soft linen. Like any other platform bed it requires no spring box and prevents from moving the mattress as well. Easy assembly comes with high quality parts and has got compartments.


  • Better padded and provides utmost comfortability
  • High quality and an attractive wood bed frame
  • Assembling is easy and does not take much time
  • Valuable product and is a lot worth


  • Slats are not much worthy
  • Sometimes takes much time to assemble

6. AmazonBasics Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

Want to add some style and comfort to your bedroom check out this Amazonbasics platform bed frame. Rectangular shaped frame and curvy corners are the major highlights of this product. Wooden construction is much sturdy and the wooden slats steal the light. No need of box spring for this leather upholstered platform frame. Simple and easy assembly can be managed.


  • Foam mattress and easy assembly is an advantage
  • Installation is much easy
  • Good and has got great stability
  • Designs are the best


  • Little heavy to carry
  • Assembly might take a little more time

7. Zinus Jade Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

If you are looking for a robust slat mattress support in wooden with contemporary style and trendy, Zinus Jade faux is something you should go for. You will receive a padded frame which is upholstered faux leather in black. However, the parts of the bed frame are located under the zippered compartment over the back on the headboard which would be pretty easy for assembling. Just like every other bed frame, into creaking noise while you change the postures in sleep.


  • Variety of sizes available with color variants
  • Supreme quality with the best brand name
  • Perfect and comfortable design
  • Worthy for the price


Components are minimal

8. DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed

DHP offers a stylish bed frame, with a contemporary bed frame and some diamond detailed frame. Metal side rails, additional metal rail, with maximum stability and with complete support. Wood slat system is another highlight of air circulation with perfect support provided on the bed frame.


  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Spacious drawers and storage
  • Customer service is great.
  • It just amazing with its quality


Wood breaks sometimes

9. Cardinal and Crest Wood Platform Bed Frame

High-quality materials have been used for construction. Durability is the highlight of this particular bed frame. Wood design is simply classic and creates a bold look too. It is easy with assembling and the mattress is sold separately as well. Foam padded tape or the non-slippery tape is added to the steel frame that will help you for a noise-free usage.


  • Perfect finish on the bed frame
  • Appeals pretty beautiful and great
  • Assembling is easy
  • Best experience for everyone


Less color variants

10. Zinus Adrian Wood Rustic Style Platform Bed Frame

The brand name is reputed, it has got easy assembly. Rustic wood is used for the headboard. There is no need for any box spring with the Zinus platform bed. The robust and steady wooden stat is another advancement of the wood bed frame.


  • Par with all your expectations
  • Sturdy and steady
  • Real and high-quality wood
  • Easy unboxing and best construction


  • Little deceiving with the headboard


1. The best material for a bed frame?

You can choose any material, it can be metal or wood, and both would do perfectly fine. However, the wood bed frame has got maximum varieties.

2. How to know the quality of the bed frame?

The brand of the product will speak for it; otherwise, you can always buy it with the majority of the reviews.

3. Are the bed frames made with solid wood?

Of course, they are and that is why they have got the best quality of the bed frames available in the market.

4. Does the slat have some sticky material added to it?

Yes, it has got Velcro that will stick the mattress firmly and prevent from slipping out of the slat.

5. How to choose the bed frame?

You need to pick up a bed frame according to your room size and one has to measure it perfectly as well. Choosing or picking up the right bed from this varied range in the market could be a little challenge, especially for those who have very minimal knowledge about these wooden bed frames that one would be choosing from. Hence, you need to be more cautious about the styles, sizes, and patterns that you actually require and will be of use to you. The wooden bed frame would be better if you can choose from the desired range of options available.

6. How about the sizes and styles?

You know, there are plenty of styles and designs that one can choose from. Best wooden bed frames can be determined by its features, styles, durability, and strength and of course even the performance too. Choosing out of the varied range of bed frames could be extremely difficult as it will confuse with the styles, designs and the patterns. One of the most overlooked furniture is a bed frame, don’t you agree with this? It is because, any bed frame does not carry much weight as compared to the mattress, and this always reflects in the minds of home-owners.


A good and the best wooden based bed frame would not only provide you with a good and a comfortable sleep but will also help you with getting the best and a worthy product for sure.

There are thousands of wooden bed frames that one can choose from in the market which is available from both online and offline though, and yes, even online retails do sell some of the best kinds of products with different varieties, styles, and patterns for sure. Well, if you know we spend one-third of our lives sleeping on the bed, couch, and chair and on the floor, and this is absolutely the reason why we must invest for some best and high-quality bed frames to provide us with good sleep.


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