With the arrival of winter, it is tough to imagine a life without one’s favorite quilt. They are not merely a mode to decrease the freezing cold and keep one comfortable, but they are for some people quite nostalgic.

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Many people could not fall asleep if they do not have their comforters with them. But cleaning one is quite a troublesome job to do. If you google “How to clean down comforter”, you will get a tonne of options and methods to do the job. Though you will need to know that cleaning a comforter includes keeping some things in mind.

For example, some people have allergic reactions to certain detergents while others might be fine, and that is something you must look into before washing your comforter. In some cases, certain detergents can cause damage to the fabric of the blanket severely.

You must note the quality of your duvet before starting the cleaning process. That is why it is pretty essential to read the label of the blanket. All the necessary instructions are clearly stated over there. In this blog, you will get to know the foolproof method to clean your comforter.

Steps to clean your down comforter efficiently

If you want to know how to clean down comforter, you must follow the steps mentioned below. The methods have been used several times by numerous people. Hence, you can be sure, and it is going to work.

Step 1- Things to notice before washing

Before starting the washing process of the comforter, you need to read the label of the item. Through the name, you will get the exact instruction on how to clean down comforter. In the label, you will get to know whether the blanket must be dry cleaned or can be cleaned domestically. It would help if you stuck to the instructions.

Also, make sure if your comforter even needs cleaning. Nevertheless, you should clean the item every month. Another important thing that you need to observe is checking the quilt minutely for any holes or seam breaks. In case you find one, and you should sew the areas so that the item does not get destroyed while washing.

Step 2- Removing any stains

If you ask anyone on how to clean down comforter, they would suggest you put the item in the washer directly. But a trick of the trade is that you must always search for any stains. It might be challenging to find a stain in a large comforter, but you should check everywhere. Cleaning the stain is quite easy.

You can clean the stain by making a homemade paste made by water or vinegar and baking soda. Moreover, you can also use a solution of a non-detergent solution. You will have to apply the solution or paste to the stain. Then, by using a blotting paper or white towel, you will have to clean the stain. Or else, you can clear the stain by rubbing the fabric and then rinsing it with water and subsequently blotting it in the method mentioned above. You must not ever use bleach on your comforter to remove any stains.

Step 3- Washing the comforter

The most important part of how to clean down comforter is washing the item correctly. For that, the first thing you must notice is to see that your quilt is placed in the washing machine evenly. Also, make sure your washer has ample space to accommodate the quilt.

If you want to make sure that your comforter is not damaged in the washing process, you should switch the delicate setting of your washer. The temperature of the water must be the same as mentioned in the label. Remember, if you use high heat for cleaning your comforter, it might be damaged in the process. So, you should use regular water and use the high temperature for the drying process.

To wash the comforter efficiently, you should add more cycles and try not to use excessive detergents. The more detergent you use more is the chance of the quilt getting damaged.

Many people suggest adding two white tennis shoes to balance the load of your washer. For that, you will have to make sure whether your machine can sustain shoes or balls or not.

Step 4- Drying the comforter

In the process of how to clean down comforter, drying is equally essential as washing. Even when you are putting the quilt in the dryer, you must set the said tennis balls or shoes with it. Like the washer, the balls or shoes keep an even balance to the dryer. If you want to dry off the comforter in the dryer, it will take a few hours. To make your duvet devoid of any dust mites or germs, turn on the heat of your dryer. But remember, before applying high temperatures, you might want to take out the tennis shoes or balls since they cannot resist such heat.

To make sure that the comforter is dried evenly, you will have to fluff it every half an hour by taking it out from the dryer. In this way, you will also be able to check for any burn marks. Moreover, the fluffing will help the comforter to dry off evenly.

If you do not want to waste that much electricity while putting the blanket in the dryer, you can dry it off in the sun outside. Not only the process is convenient, and it costs way less, but it is also efficient in killing germs. Many people choose to dry them off indoors too, in case the weather is not that warm. In case of drying them off devoid of dryers, you will have to fluff it off and even rotate it every couple of hours.

Lastly – Those who do not have a washer or do not want to increase their utility bills might want to wash the comforter by their own hands. In that case, too, they should use lukewarm or hot water depending on the quality of the quilt.

If you follow the steps mentioned in the blog above, you will get a decent idea of how to clean down comforter pretty quickly. Though the process is not that hard to understand, it is quite time-consuming.

You might want to give an entire day to make sure your comforter is squeaky clean. Hence, try to complete the process on your off day. Everyone must wash their bedding at least once a month because not removing it is not only unhygienic, but it may raise a lot of diseases.