We often wash and clean our bedsheets, but do we do with the same with our comforters and quilt too? Surely not. These are quite hard to wash and often washing can ultimately affect the quality of your comforter as well.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Washing Comforters?

Yet comforters can harbour allergens such as dust and mites over it,it can affect the quality of our sleep as well and hence it would get quite necessary to wash them regularly. But do you know how often should you wash your comforter or what are the precautions we could take care of while washing it? If not, the guide – how to wash comforter will lead you a sure short help for you.

How Often Should You Wash Your Comforter?

Covers are often being used to save the comforters from the everyday dirt and soiling. These covers can be washed weekly but if we talk about our comforters, these don’t need to wash regularly until you are having something spilled on it. For enjoying a healthy and good overnight sleep we prefer to wash the comforters at least twice a year.

But if you are not using a cover on your comforter, we would prefer you to wash your comforter weekly as well. If you usually forgot the thing that when was the last time you had washed your comforter, just use the seasonal washing as a reminder here.

Check Out the Label

The very first thing we can’t afford missing before washing the comforter is the label on it. Like every other clothing or bedsheet option, comforter always comes along with a label that includes manufacturers and washing instructions also. not each of the comforter material is suitable for washing and hence if the label says “Dry Clean” only, be stick to it or otherwise, it can damage or shrunken up your comforter as well.

Moreover, the manufacturer allows, check out other specifications as well such as hand or machine washing and cold and warm water washing, etc.

Check Out the Stains and Tears

Before starting up with the washing of your comforter, make sure that you are not having any tears on it. In case if you find some torn patches over there. Just make sure to repair them so that to save it from further damage. Once done, check whether it is having some stains or not. If it has stains, make sure to have a spot treatment so that you can perfectly remove it. You are finding it hard, you can easily clean it using this process.

  • Move the filling away from the stained area.
  • Treat your comforter with a suitable high-quality cleaner such as dilute Woolite.
  • Rub it and the stains will get removed successfully.

Make Sure it Won’t Get Lumpy

Comforters can be easily washed manually and can be washed using your washing machine as well. If you are finding it hard to wash your comforter manually and even your machine is not capable of handling the size of your comforter also, you can launder your comforter at a laundromat also.

The quality of detergent you are going to use here can even usage of warm water can easily make your comforter lumpy any time. So if you are going to wash your comforter, make sure that you are using a high-end liquid detergent and cold water washing only.

While washing your comforter in the washer make sure to have a very gentle or delicate cycle only.

The Washing Machine Can also Take it Out of the Way

While washing your comforter you also need to check out the size of your washer. It should need to have some extra space so that it can fit and clean the comforter completely. In case if your comforter is not fitting in your washer, you can opt for the handwashing or can even opt for the laundry option also.

How to Dry a Comforter?

Once you have done with the washing process of your comforter successfully, next just transfer it to the dryer for the drying purpose. Most of the comforters are quite large and don’t get fit in your home dryer.

If this is the same situation you are facing at this moment, you can also go for the option of a local laundromat. But if your comforter is suitably get fitted in your dryer, don’t forget to add some tennis balls or down fluffer rings to dry up your comforter effectively.

It is the best way to distribute the load evenly throughout your comforter. Check out the label and dry your comforter as per the instructions being mentioned on it.

For making your comforter fluffy as a newer one, you can remove the comforter from the dryer after every half hour so that the filling could distribute throughout evenly.

I hope you will find these points helpful while washing comforters!!